Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home to Be Open to the Public

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As a child, Kurt Cobain lived in a modest house in Washington state, America.

Now, the house of the late Nirvana vocalist will be used as a landmark or historic building. It has been approved by the Department of Archaeology and Preservation.

Fans of Cobain and Nirvana can later visit the building to see the condition of the house where the rockstar grew up.

Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home to Be Open to the Public

Of course, the conditions inside the 139-square-metre house will be left the same as when Cobain lived there. For the record, Cobain lived in the house from 1968 to 1984.

Today Cobain’s old home is owned by Lee Bacon. He said the process of transforming the house he lived in into a historic building had reached 90-95 percent.

The existence of zoning regulations in the area makes cobain’s former residence as a child cannot be converted into a museum in its entirety. Bacon’s looking the other way.

“Our goal is to make the house a project of homage to Kurt’s early life and career, with museum details,” he told Rolling Stone.

“The next chapter is how to make that happen.” Bacon and his wife Danielle bought the cobain family home in 2018 for $225,000. If converted to rupiah, the value of the house is currently around Rp 3.3 billion.

Cobain’s older sister, Kim, also spoke out about Bacon’s intentions. “I am happy to be involved and give feedback. I am happy and supportive of Lee and Dani taking this house three years ago,” Kim said.

Bacon also worked on a plaque to be placed on the front of the house as a reminder to the current generation who don’t know Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

“We have to write on a plaque for someone in the future, 20 years from now who wants to know Kurt,” Bacon said. ‘We want to make that for those who don’t know who Kurt is or the contributions he’s made.’

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