Joe Biden Says R.I. Should Move Capital

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United States (US) President Joe Biden said Indonesia should move its capital because Jakarta would sink. The transfer of the capital to East Kalimantan is still being carried out. So, how far is it going at the moment?

As is known, the government has targeted the new capital area in East Kalimantan. In the IKN development planning data from the National Planning and Development Agency (Bappenas), the total land area of the new capital city covers 256,142.74 hectares (Ha). Meanwhile, the core area will be built on an area of 56,189.87 ha.

A number of things are being prepared by the government about the process of relocating the new capital. Here’s how it’s progressed so far.

Joe Biden Says R.I. Should Move Capital

Calculating the Population

The initial operational plan of the new capital city is targeted in 2024 with a capacity of 38 thousand people. Currently, it is still calculated the estimated number of populations occupying the new capital.

“This data is still temporary, and currently it continues to be calculated how much the population will be pursued in 2024, and this target is quite offensive, although we still continue to calculate,” said Director of Building Planning (BPB) Cipta Karya, Boby Ali Azhari, in a seminar titled ‘New City IKN: Measuring Development Risk?’ virtually, Thursday (17/06/2021).

This population calculation will also affect how many dwellings and facilities will be built in the new capital.

Calculating Occupancy

The government targets to provide 12,000 dwellings with a total target of 101 hectares (Ha). The number of dwellings that will be provided also depends on the number of population.

“The number of towers, apartments or residences to be built in IKN is still being taken into account. Then the total facilities are also an important record of us in this IKN,” he said, Director of Building Planning (BPB) Cipta Karya, Boby Ali Azhari, in a seminar titled ‘New City IKN: Assessing Development Risk?’ virtually, Thursday (17/06/2021).

Land Supply

In 2024, the new capital city is also targeted to have a number of public and social facilities. The government plans to provide 8 hectares for public and social facilities.

Botanical gardens and Riparian Park are also provided covering an area of 300 hectares. Then, there is the land for the square, Bukit Bendera and Sumbu Kebangsaan phase 1 covering an area of 26 hectares.

Furthermore, the Tripraja Axis or land for executive, legislative, and judicial buildings is targeted at 10 hectares. Of course there will also be the State Palace to government buildings.

Mapping the Context of Toll Roads

The construction of highways and toll road connections is also included in the early stage development plan. The government is targeting connections from the new capital city to the Balikpapan-Samarinda Toll Road to be built along 30 km.

In addition, the road network to the central government core area (KIPP) in the new capital is targeted along 44 km

“For road connection, we know from Balikpapan to KIPP it’s 1.5 hours. There is hope from the president’s father whether the travel time could be 30 minutes. And this Bina Marga is looking for alternative ways to reach the area,” he explained.

Joe Biden Says R.I. Should Move Capital

Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden alluded to Indonesia having to move its capital because Jakarta is projected to sink. Jakarta projections will sink not only this time is much talked about, there have been a series of studies related to this.

The statement about Indonesia was delivered by Biden while visiting the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Quoted from the official white house website, Friday (7/30/2021), the statement was delivered in his speech in front of the leaders of intelligence agencies in the US.

Biden initially spoke of the biggest threat facing the U.S. He said, the Defense Department revealed, that climate change is the biggest threat to the U.S.

“We’re in a situation where – think about this. Think about it: I will never forget the first time I jumped into a tank as Vice President, after I was elected. The Defense Department says what is the biggest threat facing America: climate change,” Biden said.

Biden said sea levels are rising. He said that in the future, many people will migrate and fight for fertile land. Biden exemplifies North Africa.

Only then did Biden offend Indonesia. According to him, if what is projected to be true, then in the next 10 years Indonesia will have to move the capital because it will sink.

“But what happens – what happens in Indonesia if the projections are correct that, in the next 10 years, they may have to move the capital because they will be underwater?” he said.

“That’s important. It’s both a strategic question and an environmental question,” Biden added.

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